We are fixing a typo error on size parameter in our background generator, so we publish all correct sizes for showing images on Cisco ip phone 79xx or for backgrounds.



Phone type Image Background Thumbnail
Cisco IP Communicator   320x212x12 80x53x12
CP-7941G   320x196x4 80x49x4
CP-7970G   320x212x12 80x53x12
CP-7960G 133x65x2xG 320x196x4 80x49x4
CP-7961G   320x196x4 80x49x4
CP-7965G   320x212x16 80x53x16
CP-7971G-GE 298x168x12xC 320x212x12 80x53x12
CP-7911G 181x43x1xC 95x34x1 23x8x1
CP-7961G-GE 298x144x3xG 320x196x4 80x49x4
CP-7945G 298x156x16xC 320x212x16 80x53x16
CP-7942G 298x144x3xG 320x196x4 80x49x4
CP-7975G 298x168x16xC    














In the future we will try to keep this table update.

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